Oval gear flow meter


Oval gear flow meter, also known as gear flowmeter, is a kind of positive displacement flowmeter, which has high accuracy. Oval gear flow meter can be made of different materials, such as cast iron,cast steel,stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. It is is widely used in various industrial areas of the liquid flow control,

Product Description

Oval gear flow meter applicable to all types of liquid measurements, such as crude oil, diesel , petrol and so on, with great range and high precision, convenient use and maintenance of the characteristics of different materials selected to meet the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food,metallurgy, electricity, transportation and other fields of liquid flow measurement.


♦The flow measurement of oval gear flowmeter is independent of the fluid flow state
♦The larger the scale of the medium, the smaller the leakage error, and the more favorable the measurement

♦The oval gear flowmeter has high measurement accuracy and is suitable for measuring the flow of high

♦viscosity medium, but it is not suitable for the fluid containing solid particles (solid particles will jam the gear,

♦so that the flow cannot be measured). If the measured liquid medium is mixed with gas, it will also cause measurement error.

Installation:For oval gear flowmeter, the pipeline shall be cleaned before installation. If the liquid contains solid particles, a filter must be installed at the upstream of the pipeline; If gas is contained, exhaust device shall be installed. oval gear flow meter has no requirements for front and rear straight pipe sections. It can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Application Range

Food: sugar solutions,edible oil, sauces,alcohol

Pharmaceutical: alcohols, syrups, glycerines

Cosmetics Industry: shampoos, gels

Printing: solvents and inks

Automotive: hydraulic oil,brake fluid,antifreeze

Petroleum: oils, gasoline, kerosene

Shipbuilding: lubricating oil, fuels ,marine oil

Technical Specification

Model WLC-A cast iron WLC-E steel WLC-B stainless
Pnmpa 1.0bar 1.6bar 2.5  4.0  6.4 1.0   1.6
Tested liquid ciscosity 2~8mpa.s
Measured temperature -20°C~+100°C
Flow range m³/h
WLC-A cast iron WLC-E steel WLC-B stainless
0.5 0.2 0.5 0.2 0.5 0.2
DN 10 0.1~0.6 0.15~0.6 0.1~0.6 0.15~0.6 0.1~0.6 0.15~0.6
DN 15 0.25~1.5 0.3~1.5 0.25~1.5 0.3~1.5 0.25~1.5 0.3~1.5
DN 20 0.5~3 0.6~3 0.5~3 0.6~3 0.5~3 0.6~3
DN 25 1~6 1.2~6 1~6 1.2~6 1~6 1.2~6
DN 40 2.5~15 3~15 2.5~15 3~15 2.5~15 3~15
DN 50 4~24 4.8~24 4~24 4.8~24 4~24 4.8~24
DN 80 10~60 12~60 10~60 12~60 10~60 12~60
DN 100 16~100 20~100 16~100 20~100 16~100 20~100
DN 150 32~190 38~190 32~190 38~190 32~190 38~190
DN 200 34~340 68~340 34~340 68~340 34~340 68~340