Ultrasonic Water meter


Smart Ultrasonic water meter has accumulated the advantages of loRaWAN/NB-IOT water meter and ultrasonic water meter.It has high measurement accuracy and measure range, and can realize remote transmission function.the communication methods can be used loRaWAN,NB-IOT,M-BUS,RS485 and wifi.

Product Description


1.Support LoRaWAN,NB-IOT,WIFI,GPRS,M-BUS,RS485 communication

2.Support wireless automatic metering reading.

3.Remote control valve

4.Measure the cumulative flow

5.Water metering data history storage locally

6.The water meter measurement data and the remaining battery capacity are automatically uploaded to the server platform and displayed regularly.

  1. Low battery capacity alarm
  2. Valve failure alarm
  3. Screen display battery quantity, water balance, valve status
  4. Built-in antenna (spring/soft antenna)


IP68 protection grade.

Ultrasonic water meter can measure bidirectional flow

Very low starting flow, the lowest measurable flow rate is 0.01m/s

High precision, wide measuring range, up to R400

Ultra-low power consumption, the normal service life of small and medium calibers exceeds 10 years.

No moving parts, no wearing parts, long service life.

The installation angle can be selected arbitrarily

Long-term data storage,which is conducive to the management department to analyze the big data of water consumption and make a reasonable decision on water consumption.

Deliver condition:



3.Max work pressure:PN16.

4.Protection class:IP68

  1. Communication methods: Lorawan,NB-IOT,WIFI,GPRS,M-BUS,RS485

6.Battery life:10 years(DN15~DN40)/6-8years(DN50~DN500)

7.R: R250,R400

8.Water temperature:T30/T90


Application Range

Technical Specification

Communication LoRaWAN NB-IOT GPRS WIFI M-BUS RS485
External transmission LoRaWAN Wireless Communication (work at TCP/UDP) RS485 4wire
Antenna Soft Antenna Spring Antenna /
Agreement Big-end mode HEX Modbus RTU
Communication Low frequency

High frequency

Pulse singal / / 3-wire GNDS1 S2
Screen display LCD button switch screen LCD magnet switch screen
Communication distance 2-3km 2-3km 2-3km <10m / /
Wire length /line order / / / / / Wire length 1m

Line order:4wire