World water industry development

At present, from the perspective of the structural characteristics of the water industry, the water supply operation in China is mainly concentrated in the operation of water works, and the sewage operation is limited to the operation of sewage treatment plants. The water operation of overseas water companies is a unified operation, including water supply and drainage. In the field of water supply, from the water form, including raw water, tap water; From the asset point of view, including diversion pipeline, waterworks, water distribution network; From the business perspective, including manufacturing, transportation, distribution, retail; From the perspective of service and product, including financing, investment, construction, equipment supply, operation management. In the field of sewage, there is an analogy with the field of water supply. These diverse business contents and forms are highly integrated operation in international water companies.

From the world view, there are two main trends in the development of water industry.
1. Privatization and privatization. This has become the new hot spot. Among them, water supply industry is more prominent.
2. The industrial value is gradually clear, and the requirements for environmental protection are increasingly high. The IS014000 certification of environmental management system is also widely recognize

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