The benefits of water companies using smart AMR water meter   

 With the development of science and technology, water meters have been upgraded from traditional mechanical post-paid water meters to prepaid water meters, such as IC card meters and STS code prepaid water meters, and later gradually evolved into AMR remote valve-controlled water meters, which represent Technologies include LoRa, LoRaWAN, GPRS, sigfox, etc.AMR valve-controlled water meters can be set to pre-paid and post-paid on the management platform. Compared with traditional post-paid water meters and pre-paid water meters, there are the following advantages

 The AMR smart water meter can remotely read the value of the water meter, and does not require staff to go to the site to read the meter, which improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and avoids inaccurate readings and even corruption. This technology assisted the water company to realize contactless meter reading and water fee collection during the special period of the epidemic, so that the water company can still operate normally during the epidemic.

 Compared with the traditional prepaid water meter, after the user pays online for the AMR water meter, the system will automatically issue an instruction to the water meter to open the valve, without the complicated operation of using an IC card or manually entering a 20-digit token.

 It can not only realize remote data transmission, accurate monitoring data, but also have a relatively longer lifespan. After the maintenance of technicians, the water consumption of urban residents, daily water consumption curves, peak water consumption, and whether there is water leakage can be accurately obtained. know. It can effectively assist water supply agencies such as water companies to reduce the proportion of water leakage and non-revenue water.

 Remote meter reading and payment can not only greatly reduce labor costs, but also allow us to devote more limited manpower to improving water supply services. It can be said that after the smart water meter is installed, the refined service will be reflected immediately. Citizens can even pay bills online, monitor water bills in real time, and improve the convenience of water use.

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