Smart Card prepaid Water Meter


Smart IC card prepayment water meter can automatically complete the calculation of step water charge, control the water consumption, store the water data, transfer the data through sensor technology, and carry out transaction settlement by smart IC card, which realizes the transformation from meter reading and charging by staff to paying by users in the business hall.

Product Description

Smart card prepaid water meter can bring a lot of convenience for water supply management departments and water users,The water supply department doesn’t need to read meters at the door, and charges at the door, which reduces the operation cost.The user decides the time and quantity of payment independently, which increases the user’s autonomy, and avoids the meter reading at home and the personal private life disturbed by the charging staff at home.

Deliver condition:

  1. Model: WTSK-15-40, WTLK-50-300 water meter
  2. Size:DN15-DN300 (DN50~DN300,please check bulk water meter)

3.Body:Brass/Nylon/stainless steel

4.Type:Dry dial/wet dial(standard)

5.Max work pressure:PN16.

6.Protection class:IP68

7.Pressure loss:≤0.063Mpa

8.Water temperature:T30,T90

9.Standards:ISO4064 Class B


11.Software:free for clients

12.Composition: Network card,card reader.