NB-IOT Smart water meter

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The NB-IoT water meter is one kind of smart water meter which is based on NB-IoT technology. Woteck provide you the complete solution for the NB-IoT water meter. It can realize wireless remote meter reading and remote control.

Product Description

Function of NB-IOT water meter

♦ The LCD display screen displays the current signal value, balance, water consumption, remaining water quantity and other information

♦ Remote reading and remote valve control
♦ Early warning system: battery undervoltage and abnormal metering alarm
♦ Step water price can be set according to user category and usage.
♦ Battery: more than 6 years of use
♦ Support internal / external antenna, stable and reliable signal.
♦ High sampling accuracy
♦ Reed fault detection:When a sampling reed fails, the water meter will display the reed failure, and the water meter can still measure accurately.
♦ Data upload frequency can be set,periodic uploads can be uploaded at intervals of minutes, hours and days.
♦ The battery can be replaced directly without opening the water meter
♦ The system adopts BS architecture: the browser can log in, and both PC and mobile phone can support it.
♦ NB Internet of things remote water meter supports two modes: fixed time point upload and periodic upload to meet the use needs of different users.
♦ Fixed time point upload supports four methods: month, week, day and hour (which days of the month, which days of the week, which hours of the day, and which minutes of the hour)

Deliver condition:
2.Body:Brass(with valve)/iron(without valve)
3.Type:Dry dial/wet dial(standard)
4.Max work pressure:PN16.
5.Protection class:IP68
6.Protocol: Narrow band(LTE Cat.NB)
7.Frequency: B3(1800),B5(850),B8(900)
8.Battery: more than 6 years
9.Pressure loss:≤0.063Mpa
10.Water temperature:T30/T90
13.SIM card:Micro SIM card(Type 3FF)
14.Working mode: Class A
15.Software: B/S Cloudy serve platform
16.Software payment: Supply for free
17.Composition:NB-Iot water meter, Base station, Serve Platform