Woltman water meter


Woltman Helix water meter can be divided into horizontal Helix Woltman water meter(WPH) and vertical Helix Woltman water meter(WS) according to different of water meter internal structure, but the water meters are installed horizontally,The advantage of vertical Woltman water meter(WS) is a wider flow range(R80/R160/R200). The installation does not need the strict requirements of straight pipe section and external filter.

Characteristics of woltman water meter

♦ Wide measuring range.

♦ Full flow detection, high measurement accuracy.

♦ Dry magnetic transmission structure ensures the counter is clean and clear.

♦The six digit enlarged digital wheel displays the reading,the reading is clearer.

♦The detachable metering structure is convenient for maintenance.

♦Stainless steel filter screen effectively protects the measuring mechanism.

♦The high wear-resistant bearing system (bearing for aviation instrument + high wear-resistant cemented carbide shaft) ensures the long-term stability.

♦Stainless steel fasteners and epoxy resin powder are applied inside and outside the shell to maximize rust prevention and prolong the service life.

♦Optional anti prying protective cover

♦ Low starting flow, high overload capability

Supply condition

Model WS Woltman Water Meter WPH Woltman Water Meter
Diameter DN40~DN200 DN50~DN600
Body materials Cast iron
Max work pressure MPA10
Pressure loss ≤0.063Mpa
Water temperature T30,T50,T90(optional)
Installation method horizontal
Measuring range (R) R160/R200/R250 R50
Sensitivity requirement No U10D5
External filter No need Yes

A The maximum allowable error of a low area (Q1 ≤ Q < Q2) is ± 5%

B when the water temperature is ≤ 30 ℃, the maximum allowable error in the high area (Q2 ≤ Q ≤ Q4) is ± 2%

When the water temperature is > 30 ℃, the maximum allowable error in the high area (Q2 ≤ Q ≤ Q4) is ± 3%

Technical Specification

Main technical parameters:



Flow range Common flow


Maximum flow


Boundary flow


Minimum flow


Minimum reading Maximum reading
Q3/Q1 M3/h M3
40 50/200 40 50 1.28/1.25 0.8/0.2 0.0001 999,999
50 50/200 40 50 1.28/1.25 0.8/0.2 0.0001 999,999
80 50/200 63 80 2.0/2.0 1.26/0.32 0.0001 999,999
100 50/200 100 125 3.2/3.12 2.0/0.5 0.0001 999,999
150 50/200 250 312 8.0/7.88 5.0/1.25 0.0001 999,999
200 50/200 400 500 12.8/12.5 8.0/2.0 0.0001 999,999