LoRa Smart water meter


Lora wireless remote smart water meter adopts Lora spread spectrum wireless transmission technology to convert the measurement information of traditional mechanical water meter into electrical signal and store it through microelectronic control circuit. It can automatically copy metering data and control valves through wireless remote network.

Deliver condition:

♦ Size:DN15-DN50 (DN50~DN300,please check bulk water meter)

♦ Body:Brass(with valve)/iron(without valve)

♦ Type:Dry dial/wet dial(standard)

♦ Max work pressure:PN16.

♦ Protection class:IP68

♦ Protocol: LORA

♦ Frequency: 470-510MHZ 868-915MHZ

♦ Battery: 6-7years

♦ Pressure loss:≤0.063Mpa

♦ Water temperature:T30,T90

♦ Standards:ISO4064.

♦ Certificate:MID

♦ Working mode: Class A

♦ Software:free for clients

♦ Composition:LoRa water meter,Collector,concentrator,Network servrt.